The Grand Duchy confirms its position of an European digital headquarter with the launch of the Luxembourg regional hub of GAIA-X on 25 March. GAIA-X is a strategic European project supporting the development of a trustworthy and sovereign digital infrastructure and ecosystem in Europe. The objective is to generate innovation and new data-driven services and applications based on interoperability, portability, transparency, European sovereignty, thus establishing a high degree of trust for users. The GAIA-Xproject has witnessed an acceleration with the launch of GAIA-X Regional Hubs and during a conference on the European digital project GAIA-X last month, Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot announced the creation of this fourth Gaia-X regional hub in Luxembourg, after those launched in Germany, France and Belgium. This initiative will help secure and federate data infrastructure at the European level and complete the already outstanding digital infrastructure in place.

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, in close partnership with the Ministry of the Economy, Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg House of Fintech and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), organized a Digital Trade Mission to Wisconsin, USA from March 29-31. If the current Covid-19 situation has made it difficult to resume traditional Trade Missions, such online events are becoming the best way to build and maintain strong bilateral trade and economic relations between Luxembourg and foreign countries. I invite you to read the article to learn about the program and the main sectors identified for collaboration.

In addition to being a first choice business destination in Europe, Luxembourg continuously ranks in the top destinations to live. We are proud to announce that Luxembourg ranks number 8 out of 149 countries in the World Happiness Report 2021. The happiness score includes measures such as GDP, social support, corruption levels and personal freedom. The Grand Duchy is definitely the smart choice to scale up your business in Europe while securing an optimal quality of life.

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Loic Bertoli

Executive Director

LTIO Abu Dhabi