The credit rating agency Moody´s has confirmed Luxembourg’s AAA rating with a stable outlook. Among the key factors that justify maintaining the highest possible rating, Moody’s has underlined Luxembourg’s sustained growth and a robust institutional framework, as well as a progressive and ambitious economic policy.

This stability is one of the major assets that makes Luxembourg a perfect destination for expats, which explains why Luxembourg is ranked fifth best country to raise a family in 2020 by the Raising A Family Index published by website Asher & Lyric that compares data on 35 OECD countries. Combining quality of life with an excellent business environment is the strength of the Grand-Duchy.

In particular, the Healthtech sector in Luxembourg is witnessing a dynamic growth: the Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot has recently inaugurated the extension of the House of Biohealth with the upcoming opening of a new Healthtech incubator to host more companies and projects from all over the world. We are therefore proud to announce that yet another company has chosen to set up its first European presence in Luxembourg. MBD, a South Korean company specializing in Biotechnologies, has recently opened its first European Laboratory in Luxembourg in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of health (LIH) and the Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg (IBBL). MBD will benefit from the innovative Healthtech and ICT ecosystems that are growing rapidly in the Grand Duchy as part of the economic diversification efforts of the government.

Circular economy is another strategic priority in Luxembourg. For Carole Dieschbourg, Minister for the Environment: “The rapid expansion of the circular economy is a necessary condition for succeeding with our national strategic efforts to fight the climate crisis, protect resources and promote sustainable finance.” Indeed, in order to successfully implement this strategy, the financial sector is also included in the circularity and its underlying concepts to develop specific expertise and to actively support industries and businesses that adapt to circular business models.

If you would like to learn more about the attractiveness of Luxembourg in the heart of Europe for your business activities, please contact the team of the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office in Abu Dhabi.

Loïc Bertoli

Executive Director – LTIO Abu Dhabi