While the current social distancing does not make it possible to organize face to face meetings, businesses and institutions have however quickly adjusted to the new digital era. Many webinars and virtual meetings have been taking place in the business and trade community.

On 1 July, the Embassy of Luxembourg in Abu Dhabi and the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office took part in a live webinar organized by the Arab Belgium Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ABLCC) and the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg. During this virtual event, participants and experts, including from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, addressed the bilateral economic and trade relations between the Grand Duchy and the United Arab Emirates in times of Covid-19 and the challenges and opportunities for the future. Since the start of the pandemic crisis, Luxembourg and the UAE have shown resilience and put extensive efforts to support their respective economies by offering dynamic economic stimulus packages, especially for the startups and SMEs ecosystems that suffered the most during the lockdown. The webinar helped identify key sectors of activities for future potential cooperation: Healthcare, ICT, Renewable Energy, Digital Economy, Financial services, and last but not least the Space sector.

The 2020 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which provides a data-driven summary of the state of sustainability around the world, ranked Luxembourg as the world’s 2nd most sustainable country based on 32 performance indicators.

Building on its sustainable growth as well as on its stability and expertise, Luxembourg continues to attract international investors from all over the world.  To help them answer all the questions they may have in their journey, The House of Entrepreneurship of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce updated a comprehensive guide on how to start a business in Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation, the national innovation agency. You will find this guide below for you to download.


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Loïc Bertoli

Executive Director

LTIO Abu Dhabi